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Meet the Team


The best kind of business, is a Family run business


Brad, a Pastor for 22 years & Cheryl, a stay at home mom.


Ryan has 13 years of oilfield experience & Desiree' is a Pool Manager and busy Mom

Our Story

Ryan is the owner, partner and mastermind of TRAX Property Solutions. It was his dream to one day own his own buisness. After working in the oil fields of Alaska for 13 years and due to the drop in oil prices, he was laid off. Financial security and stability for his family then became an everyday worry for him. He decided to never let that happen again. He put in hour upon hour of real estate research and with it, TRAX Property Solutions was formed.

Brad is also an owner and partner of TRAX Property Solutions. He has been a pastor for 22 years and is a recovering quadriplegic. He trains for marathons and fun runs and never lets his disabilities hold him back.  After Ryan brought forward his ideas of a real estate business. Brad quickly caught the vision of what was to be the future, TRAX Property Solutions. Brad is also a published author his book ‘Running Miracle’ can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, GoodReads, & BAM for an Inspirational Story


Desiree’ is co-owner of TRAX Property Solutions (Ryan’s wife). She is the mother to 4 healthy, happy and very busy children. Along with supporting Ryan and Brad in their business ventures, she is one of the driving forces from behind the Scenes at TRAX Property Solutions. She handles the social media side of TRAX.

Cheryl is also co-owner, wife to Brad and mother of the Son who is TRAX! It has always been a dream of hers to have a family owned business. Along with helping out Ryan and Desiree with their 4 kids, She is responsible for generating leads on new potential flips.

Together they are the fantastic 4 of TRAX!!


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